About Us

Offering the Best in Quality and Craftsmanship

Knight + Zadeh Builders offer:

• The highest standards of craftsmanship and materials
• Talented and experienced construction team
• Experience with the unique requirements of building in an exposed coastal environment
• Strong relationships with the finest subcontractors
• New and best building practices and building codes
• Wise use of Green technology
• Long term commitment to Chappaquiddick and Martha’s Vineyard as a place to live and work


Maintaining Long-lasting Relationships

We place the highest value on the relationship between client, builder and architect, working to clarify client’s needs and desires and bring them to fruition. The client has the dream, the architect or designer gives it form and Knight + Zadeh bring it to reality. 

Knight + Zadeh are known for their repeat clients – from building the original home, to maintenance projects, to adding a guesthouse or addition, to then building for the married children of their clients. It’s all about integrity, a high standard of work and being a good neighbor.